As a business owner, you might not be an expert in marketing and selling your products or services.  We are here to try and help you improve your knowledge so that you can reach your marketing goals.

Large organisations have managers taking care of each department but owners of small businesses are often overwhelmed trying to do everything – accounts, IT, and HR – to name just a few.  It’s then very easy for marketing to drop to the bottom of the list.

Whether you are trying to do everything yourself or have a small team it helps to organise your activities through a marketing plan.  Marketing is not about designing and building a new website or designing a flyer. It needs to consider:

• What do your customers need and what you are offering to help them?

• Building your brand? – how do you really differ from Joe Bloggs?

• Planning your marketing strategy – how can you best get your message to customers?

• Communicating with your staff – do they all know what you are marketing and why?

Building a marketing plan is like building a house.  It will only be as strong as the foundation.  Do your research and then build your marketing plan on the results.

At Kings Hill Marketing Consultancy, we believe that if you are looking to build a long term, profitable business then dedicated marketing can make the difference between a business success and a business failure.  Putting aside time and, or, budget to getting it right is essential.

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