We work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your market situation, your customers, your competitors, your cost and income implications and your strategic business issues. We monitor progress towards your KPIs ensuring marketing activity is controllable and measurable.

Our marketing approach is there to save you time and money achieving sustainable growth and increasing your profits.

How do we understand the market situation?
This involves analysing your business and market environment. We assess the relevant economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors impacting on your business. Our customer assessment looks at segmentation, targeting and positioning. This builds the foundation to your competitive advantage and profit growth.

How do we understand your competition?
This involves identifying your main competitors, determining their main strengths and weaknesses and considering which ones to go against, to avoid or to collaborate with. It also requires an understanding of where your business is positioned relative to your competitors and examines how you can get ahead of your competition or break into new markets.

Why are cost and income implications relevant to marketing?
These lie at the core of your business. We believe investments should generate a solid return. Whatever the size of your budget your marketing needs to be effective and achieve your objectives. We use our financial analytical experience to work with you finding out what is possible for you and your business and show you how you can plan your marketing to fit with your cash flow.

What do you mean by my strategic business issues?
These are areas that might impact on the success of your business including technological changes, economic developments and other risks or needs.

From these key four areas we can produce a marketing strategy which establishes what you will need to promote your business and get your message across to your target customers. It lays out your branding message and pricing/product strategies.

Our marketing plans show the action that needs to be taken to achieve your marketing strategy and to meet your long-term goals. It includes monthly budgets for your marketing activities together with target completion dates. We offer implementation of all marketing activities required.

We monitor your results and assess effectiveness against Key Performance Indicators agreed with yourself in advance.

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