Why is training important for an organisation?

A training programme helps you grow and strengthen your own and your employees’ skills leading to an improvement in performance. Teams can benefit greatly from a development programme which will address weak links and bring all employees to a higher level so improving their group productivity.

With the rapid development of technology has come the need for employees to continually update their skills. Training builds confidence, it shows that the organisation values them sufficiently to invest in their professional development and gives them the ability to communicate with colleagues at a high level, so creating a sound working environment.

What is digital marketing training?

Digital marketing is marketing which is done online, using web-based technologies to promote your products or services. Training in digital marketing teaches you the tools and strategy you can use to understand and improve your lead generation.

What are the digital marketing tools you can use to improve your lead generation?

Social media marketing (SMM)
SMM involves creating and posting content to increase traffic and search engine rankings, brand awareness and attract new leads.

Post blog articles
A blog article is a piece of informational content aiming at driving traffic to your website.

Email marketing
Email marketing is the use of emails to promote your products and nurture your leads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is the process of optimising your website to increase traffic coming from search engines like Google.

Which training programmes do you provide?

At Kings Hill Marketing we help businesses with their digital marketing needs. Our training and development programmes are for teams and individuals. You can book your online session below or you can speak with us to discuss bespoke training and programmes.

We cover core skills, analytics, digital marketing strategy, and training on individual digital marketing platforms.

Do you have any other training provision?

We also work with schools and universities to help students: Sixth Formers, undergraduates, and postgraduates. Please see our LinkedIn for Students video here and call us to discuss your student training needs.


I had a fantastic training with by Karen for Linked In which was done over three parts. The training was very easy to follow and understand and packed with, really valuable tips, tailored down to my own needs. Karen is a real pleasure to work with and she has helped me to further improve my profile page and understand the Linked In functionalities.”

Ozgen Hali, Acumen Finance

It was excellent. I spent the rest if the day putting it all into practice.

Neil Cornford, Partner NPC Financial Services

A really interesting morning filled with tips and great information, I spent 2 hours afterwards setting up my new LinkedIn Company page, looking forward to using LinkedIn in a whole new way now!

Susie K Brooks , AIP