Marketing Analytics Training

Analytics are used in marketing to measure and manage marketing performance. Understanding analytics enables businesses to determine where their expenditure is most effective and optimise their return on investment.

How can I learn about analytics?

Book a free 15 minute session to discuss your needs here or get started now with our Introduction to Analytics workshop.

How can analytics improve my marketing programme performance?

The interpretation of reports will generate increased value by improving your marketing performance.

If you have an analytics report but then fail to understand what it is telling you and do not act on it, you are wasting time and money.  You need to constantly test and learn in order to improve.

Marketing analytics enables you to do this by gaining insights into customers, adjusting your tactics as required, identifying problems with certain marketing channels, optimising processes and, if necessary, reviewing your overall marketing strategy.

Marketing analytics reports can provide the insights, but it is the interpretation of those analytics that will improve your performance.

Why do I need marketing analytics?

Gaining an understanding of data analytics enables business owners and marketing professionals to easily interpret reports. They will see which marketing programmes are successful and which are wasting money. They can look at what is being spent across all marketing channels over a period of time.

What are marketing analytics?

Marketing analytics collects information from all marketing channels and puts it into a report. The report shows you how your marketing programmes are really performing.


Marketing strategy for grown-ups. Refreshing to work with a business that understands that marketing is pointless without measurement of success.

Richard Dickety, CEO, Secure Payment Solutions

Karen is also an excellent analyst, and she has helped me to see how I can harness analytics to really make the most of my marketing plan, and to adapt things where necessary.

Ruth Pannell, CEO, Isla Law Wills and Probate