Businesses in 2017 need to reach customers in as many ways as possible. They need to have a presence wherever their customers are looking for information. This could be in a newspaper or colour magazine, on a website or on social media.

Not all businesses are keen to embrace social media marketing for their business. They are so busy managing everything and simply don’t have the time to take on another task. They often don’t understand the benefits and wonder how it can help them build their business.

In the UK, “38m people actively use social media.” That’s slightly over 50% of the population. It influences what people buy and helps build loyalty. People constantly share and connect with others spreading your message. Social media marketing for your business cannot be ignored.

So, how can social media marketing benefit your business? It’s a great way to tell customers about your brand. If a customer does not know about your business or website, then they can’t buy from you. You need to use everything to promote your brand and business – website, advertising and social media.

Social media marketing gives your brand credibility – in the same way that a customer will check your business’s website and read any reviews, they now check if you are active on social media. Your business website may change little once set up, but social media can provide regular updates.

Social media marketing increases your sales – by improving brand loyalty and credibility you will increase your sales but you can also use social media to target new audiences. For example, Facebook ads can target the correct people with the correct message within your own specified budget.

At Kings Hill Marketing Consultancy, we believe that if you are looking to build a long term, profitable business then dedicated marketing can make the difference between a business success and a business failure.  Social media marketing needs to have a significant part in your dedicated marketing. Putting aside time and, or, budget to getting it right is essential.

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