“I recently worked with KHMC to help me market my new IT Recruitment venture as I came with no marketing experience. KHMC quickly formulated a Strategic Marketing Report for me, along with a straw man 12-month marketing plan. This gave me great confidence that I had a solid platform to work off. It was a pleasure working with KHMC and I would highly recommend them.”

Anthony Phillips Contract Match

“Speaking as the Director of JMS Financial, we have received a great amount of help from Karen with marketing ideas to boost our client portfolio for our Financial Services company, advice for recruiting staff for specific ‘marketing’ roles, together with use of social media and website recommendations. Karen’s expert knowledge, friendly and professional service has contributed to raising the profile of JMS Financial by offering good strategic marketing plans and we would thoroughly recommend Kings Hill Marketing to other business acquaintances.”

Marlon Johnson JMS Financial

“Karen has been extremely helpful with assisting our company JMS Secure Data in writing articles for key magazines where we wanted to target the readership of these publications. As a result, we received numerous phone calls from potential clients who have read these articles, thanks to Karen. She has also given us fantastic advice on marketing ideas for our company. She is an approachable, likeable and dependable person and we will continue to use Karen’s services for future marketing opportunities and advice in the future.”

Michelle Rumble JMS Secure Data

“Karen has gone the extra mile on many occasions and helped my fledgling businesses get off the ground. Her honesty and common-sense approach make her a valuable and trustworthy person to have in your corner.”

Julian Squiers LearnChess