Mentoring and Training

Following a Marketing Troubleshooting we can provide Mentoring and Training to you and your staff so that you can achieve sustainable growth.


We will work intensively with you and focus on your business and your specific requirements. This will provide you with guidance to improve your business development and help you develop the competencies and skills you need to make your business more effective.

Our structured mentoring sessions will assess the current situation, provide achievable, agreed developmental goals and discuss how to reach those goals. It will help you create a clear action plan to ensure the activities occur on time, are within your budget and achieve the targeted results. It will also provide constructive feedback.


Training in marketing skills can be provided to your staff so that they are able to implement the recommendations in your strategic marketing plan and ensure that your growth is sustainable. We can design a training programme that specifically meets the needs of your team or you can attend one of our regular workshops including ‘Ten things every small business needs to know about marketing’ and ‘How LinkedIn and blogging can help your business